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Sunday, July 02, 2006


So I'm hoping my blog posting won't be so lax throughout the future. What's the expectation though? Once a week? Twice a week? Every day?? I'll manage expectations as best I can by promising little (once a week) and maybe delivering more! It's been interesting though.

This week hasn't hit the highs that were expected. It started with a cold, hit a low with the Socceroo's going down to Italy one-zip in the World Cup, and ending with a cold...still.

The Socceroo's rise and fall was amazing to experience in Sydney. The usually little-observed sport of football (soccer) suddenly became the pinacle of society. On mornings following Australia matched, thousands of people were parading down Martin Place, waving flags and kicking soccer balls, singing, cheering, dancing. It was amazing. The day after Australia's loss to Italy marked a stark difference: absolute silence. Not a voice, not a flag, not a ball, not a mention of the match...except for the despondent complaints towards an allegedly dodgy referee. For those non-purists, football season is over and most have already moved on to Lleyton in Wimbledon, the rugby, or whatever match Australia might have a chance of winning. We're an interesting mob us Aussies!

I'm reading through the book of Exodus at the moment and that's an interesting case too. A people who have been adopted by God as a consecrated (separated) people, saved from torment in Egypt, but constantly forget their God. What hope have we, who haven't lived through God's amazing acts of salvation, of remembering the LORD in times when things are going swimmingly? Is that right, are we devoid of God's interaction? First, there's Christ and the ultimate sacrifice and atonement for sin. Second, there's the Holy Spirit who interacts with us daily (whether we listen or not). Third, there's the Father who guides, judges, and interacts on so many levels we can't imagine. Just as I criticise the Israelites for being stupid and blind to God's hand of love, there must be angels in heaven who shake their heads at me...the one who forgets God's ultimate act of love. Interesting!

We're parents! That's right, we've added to our little family this week, taking it from DINK-dom (double-income, no kids) to a plethora...if baby fish count. One of our swordtails (xiphophorus helleri) had about 11 babies. There may have been more, but it's likely they became fodder to the others in the tank, or just as likely that I couldn't find them, 'cause they're fast as anything and only about 1cm long. We can't say that we planned for this family expansion but we're enjoying the new additions...naming them will, of course, be interesting!

If you're a pray-er, please pray for us this weekend. We have a couple of Mormon lads coming over for a chat. Tim and Rohan ('cause I just can't call them 'Elder'...) are joining us to discuss the book of Mormon and I said I'd prepare a few questions. Wow, my research has really been interesting and I'd love to recommend 'Evidence that demands a verdict' by Josh McDowell for evidence regarding the Bible and Living Hope Ministries for evidence regarding the Mormonism. I can't say it will be an easy conversation this Saturday, it's likely to be quite 'in your face', so pray we have loving hearts, wise minds, and God's grace.

Grace & Peace!